Make money by taking meetings, videoconferences, phone calls, answering emails, chat messages, and inviting friends.



Invite others to the network and we assign them as your perpetual “Attribution”

Attributions create a global, passive, perpetual source of income

Each individual can be attributed to another only once.
Invite your network today before someone else does!

There’s no limit to the amount of income you can earn actively or passively.
There’s no limit to the number of Attributions you can obtain.

  • Connector.

    Attributions ENTITLE you to 50% of your platform income when your invitees trade

  • Connector.

    Your Attributions are PERPETUAL, and so is the cash they produce

  • Connector.

    Attributions create a global, passive, perpetual source of income for you


Invite someone you know to Loturas whose time is worth paying for.

For example, Sally wants to invite her associate Mark, so she can either to send an invite through another social network or her Gmail contacts. When Mark creates his account using the invite he’s linked to Sally as her Attribution Partner.

Attributions are paid to the inviting Partner for each transaction their invitee makes money on.

Mark receives a $200 video chat request from another user seeking advice within Mark’s field of expertise. For this, Sally will receive a percentage of Mark’s revenue.

As soon as the transaction clears users can see how much they’re to be paid out in their wallet, and once it’s cleared the network the disbursement will be paid to both users.

Once Mark’s video chat has concluded his fee will appear in his wallet, as will Sally’s Attribution. This is disbursed to Sally’s bank account when Mark is paid out.

For each transaction, like Mark’s, the seller receives 80% of revenues, less payment processing. Each Attribution Partner, such as Sally, receives 1/2 of the Loturas platform fee — in other words, 10% of all Attribution Partner revenues.