The fundamental business model of Loturas Inc. requires us to mask users’ personal and work contact information in order to provide users the ability to freely price and trade access to their time, job posts, interviews, labor market positions, contacts, personal connections, skills, and specialties. Loturas has no incentive whatsoever to ever sell, transmit, publish, diffuse, or barter your personal or work contact information. If our users’ personal or work contact information were to be published, sold, bartered, exchanged or compromised, our business model would likely collapse.

We will never sell your personal or work information without your explicit written consent – we are not interested in ever doing so. Quite the contrary. All of your contact information is encrypted and stored in professional, market-leading third-party servers, cloud storage facilities, and payment processors. Some of the information you furnish to the site (such tokenized bank account and payment method information) may not even be readable or knowable by our internal team members. Such personal and work contact information includes phone numbers, bank accounts, addresses, off-market keys, and any other such information whose privacy and secrecy we may deem to be essential to our business model.

We do however reserve the right to barter or sell to any reputable and trustworthy service provider general market information such as job posts, prices, skills, stats, fields, skills, market metrics and any information available to the general public by means of viewing the social media profiles or our users.

We will NEVER, EVER, EVER, sell, barter or exchange your:

  • Off-market key(s)
  • Phone number(s)
  • Personal or work email addresses
  • Password(s)
  • Payment method information
  • Disbursement account information

We will protect all user information and records and will only release any request for user records or transactions with a legitimate, validated judicial subpoena from a jurisdiction that Loturas and its officers in their sole judgement deem not to pose an arbitrary threat to the civil liberties of its citizens and residents. Loturas and its officers will not cooperate with any government that is deemed in our sole judgement to be corrupted or a threat to the civil liberties of its citizens or residents. Generally speaking, Loturas will willingly cooperate with the law enforcement and intelligence agencies of all NATO member countries and we may do so without notifying you the user before doing so.

If you have any concerns about your privacy or sensitive information that would affect your pricing power on the network or our business model please contact us at